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The Immigration Story America Needs to Hear

#WeAreDreamersToo is a community-led campaign to raise awareness and engagement on high-skilled immigration, an aspect of immigration that needs immediate attention to boost America's global competitiveness and to keep families together. This campaign is a joint initiative by Legal Immigrants For Equality (LIFE), Skilled Immigrants In America (SIIA), From the Land of Gandhi Film, H4 Visa A Curse, and Save H4EAD groups. It brings together immigrants, residents from the broader American community, and local congressional staffers and advocacy organizations towards raising a nation-wide conversation.



Build Awareness


Film Screening

The story of 4 Indian immigrants sets a background for the conversation



Immigration experts on panel and the local stories lead a conversation



Media takeaways drive 'The Pulse', a social media engagement campaign

Personal Stories

Stories of impacted families inclusive of kids, spouses, and the high-skilled immigrant



Attended by Congressional staffers and local immigrant advocates. 

Powerful Advocacy

Raise Engagement

The Pulse
Licolnshire, Jun 16 2018
Licolnshire, Jun 16 2018
Canton, Jun 7 2018
Boston, May 13 2018
Boston, May 13 2018
Charlotte May 2018
Boston, May 13 2018
Charlotte, May 23 2018
Charlotte May 2018
Ellicott City May 2018
Ellicott City May 2018
St Louis May 2018
Ellicott City May 2018
Ellicott City May 2018
St Louis May 2018
St Louis May 2018
St Louis May 2018
Charlotte, May 23 2018
Charlotte, May 23 2018
Charlotte May 2018
St Louis May 2018
Ellicott City May 2018
St Louis May 2018
Charlotte, May 23 2018
St Louis May 2018
St Louis May 2018
Ellicott City May 2018

Each high-skilled immigrant brings a person from the American community 



Take Action
Only you can take this story to your community   

You may wish to host it at a university, workplace, or a library; you may consider a presentation or a panel; you may look to bring in 20 or 100+ people; every event is unique. Let's work together with your idea in making the most impact in your community and taking the cause forward. 

Come host a conversation 
 3 simple steps 

1. Organize a group of at least 20

2. Pick a date and time

3. Invite a Congressional staffer

It is simple. It is flexible. All support provided. 

Contact us
Frequently asked questions

What is the duration of the event?

2 hours

What are these conversations?

These are community events that bring together high-skilled immigrants with personal stories from different immigrant groups such as SIIA, LIFE, H4 Visa A Curse, SaveH4EAD, people from the American community, and representation from the Congressional office. The screening of From The Land of Gandhi film (49 min) provides a backdrop for a conversation.

I want to host an event, what is basic requisite?

Your intent is the key, let's get in touch.

The event flow is flexible and we work together ensuring all elements for a successful gathering are ticked off.Your input would be valuable but you are not expected to arrange a venue, panelists, or the funds.

There are 3 very simple steps on your end:

(i) Organize a group of at least 20 high-skilled immigrants to attend and participate

(ii) Pick a date / time for a 2 hour event at least 4 weeks in advance

(iii) Invite a Congressional staffer

What is the purpose?

The key is building nationwide AWARENESS & ENGAGEMENT. The grassroots event brings together high-skilled immigrant families to a powerful advocacy platform, aims to raise awareness in the American communities, and takes the conversation further through social media. Local media will be invited.

How do I select the venue?

Finding a venue is not your responsibility but we will seek your advice and help as needed.

Will the Congressional staffer be speaking at the event?

The staffers are not expected to make any statements. They offer their comments where necessary in the conversation and talk to the constituents around the event.

Who will be on the panel for the conversation?

The panel will comprise 2-4 people including local experts on immigration and immigrants bringing their stories. The conversation will largely be driven by the audience.

Who selects the panel?

You can deifnitely suggest names and be involved, but you are not expected to invite panelists.

Will this be an open event?

Yes, each event is open and free for anyone to attend.

How do I invite others to attend?

There will be a Facebook event. However, high-skilled immigrants in the area have to be the marketers and tag1along to make a successful event. You are not expected to print or post any flyers. Making calls and inviting people would work the best.

Who supports the cost for the event?

WeAreDreamersToo events will be crowd funded.

Can I plan a non-panel based event?

Yes you can, each event should be designed to make the most impact in your community. If you have a different idea we can talk through that.

  • Troy, Michigan
    Troy Public Library
  • Aldie, VA
    Gum Spring Library
  • Vernon, IL
    Vernon Area Public Library
  • Canton, MI
    Canton Public Library
  • Centennial, CO
    Shri Shirdi Sai Temple of Rockies
  • Charlotte, NC
    Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
  • Overland, MO
    St. Louis County Library, Indian Trails
  • Boston, MA
    Cambridge Innovation Center
  • Ellicott City, MD
    Howard County Miller Branch Library

#WeAreDreamersToo campaign is organized by a small team from various groups



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